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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Layering Images tutorial using Word

I am using Word some of you might have a different screen, but the concept should be the same.
To do this tutorial you will need at least 2 images and then need to be PNG images and not JPG images.  I have chosen to use Bugaboo's images.  A present found here and an elf found here.

Select both of these images and put them on your "screen".  You will have 2 "pages" in word. The present will be on one page and the elf on the other page.  Select one of the images as shown and your "format" toolbar should open, (if not you need to go into your "View" and select the "formatting palate" toolbar.) Whenever you select an image this toolbar will come up. 
Now select "wrapping" and then click on the style, from that select "Behind" text. Do that for both images.  Now both images will be on one page.  You can move your images to where you want them.   I have my elf sitting on top of the present.
 Now for fun let's go one step further and add another present, but let's rotate it to the left.  You will need to select the "Size, Rotation and ordering" at the top of your "formatting palate toolbar".  In order for your formatting palate toolbar to show up you will need to select an image you want to work on.  See that arrow rotating, select that and it will have a drop down window that will give you the choice of what direction you want to rotate your image.  I chose left.  (In some cases images are "locked" and you aren't allowed to rotate them...but these work.  YAY.
Okay, but as you add any will come to the do you make them go behind your images already on the screen...?  You will have to open the "wrapping" and "style" again and chose either "behind text or in front of text"..  Play around and you will find  it's fun to do this.
Want to learn one thing more?  Let's add one more image and reduce the size.
Kind of cool huh?  Now you can color in your images and make a card. 

Any questions, i will try to answer them in the comments.
Thanks, Grandma Bonnie


  1. Fantastic tutorial. Looking forward to trying it out!
    Trish Munro

  2. This is wonderful Bonnie! I just tried it and it worked perfectly. Thanks for all the details.

  3. What a great Tutorial and a great card, love those images! lol

  4. Thank you so much for this tute, Bonnie.... it was just as if you were talking us through it while sitting beside! You're a gem!

  5. Really clear instructions, Bonnie....I think a lot of people will be glad to have this tutorial...well done!

  6. Wow Bonniem this is awesome, need to try it!!


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