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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Technique Tuesday Tutorial- Simple Paper Pieceing and Frosting/Snow affect

It's always fun to learn something new and practice getting better at something old.  Right?  I really like to paper gives my images some great dimension.  Also this new "frosting/snow" technique is super fun..see below...

*My info about scissors for paper piecing:

What i have learned is that the right scissors makes all the difference.  I have found the the scissors i use for making teddy bears have also worked wonderfully for cutting paper...but i wouldn't use the same scissors for both because paper dulls scissors.  So my recommendation for a pair of scissors to paper piece with would be to look at the blade width...not the length, but the width...the thinner the blade the skinnier the cut.  Then i look at the length...pretty much any scissors with a thin blade is pointy and sharp...which you need.  My scissor blade is about 1.5".  Another thing i've learned is to move the paper not the scissors so much. let's get started.

First you will need to print your image out, so you will know how big of piece of "pattern" paper you will need to paper piece with.
Then what i do is use piece of computer paper and hold it over the one i just printed, because then i will know where to place the paper i want to print on for my paper piecing.  I lightly tape the paper in the right position on the computer paper and print the image one more time.  (If you want more then one color to paper piece with you will print your image that many times)
I have already colored in my image, knowing that i will paper piece the cupcake wrapper and stars.  Next thing to do is cut out what you want from the pattern paper.  In this case *I cut out my paper piecing images on the outside line and not inside of the line..and not on the line...that way i know i am covering the image.  If i were going to "but up" two pattern paper pieces together, then i would cut on the line.
And this is what it looks like once you've glued your pieces on your "base".
Now for some fun.  I just learned this technique from another blogger.  (Thanks Lisa)  All you need is Marvy's Liquid Embroidery is heat activated.  At first i followed the directions and waited over night for it to dry..but I found out that once it's dry to the touch you can use your heat gun to "puff up"  the paint..and not wait overnight.
Close up of when it's wet:
Close up of what it looks like after i've used my heat gun (**be careful...and not hold it over too long or you will scorch it)
Ok...wasn't that fun?  So now you need to come back on Thursday for our next challenge to see what my card looks like. :)  Thanks!


  1. As quite a new paper crafter, I did wonder what paper piecing was. Now I wonder no longer! Thanks for a helpful tutorial. Helen :o)

  2. I love how you laid out all the details, very helpful! Thanks so much!

  3. Really great tutorial! Thanks very much!...Nancy :o)

  4. great tutorial - I was about to search for one tonight - but you've saved me a job - thanks very much! xx

  5. Fabulous Tutorial, Bonnie! I'll give you a pay-rise ... you can have DOUBLE what you have now! :) Thanks for sharing about the scissors too. I have quite a few pairs of scissors, and it really is important to have different blade lengths, widths, tips etc... I favour fine blades for everything, and love my precision tips. Heck, still love my old pinking shears too!

  6. Paper piecing is one of my favorite things to do. Thanks for reminding me that I haven't done it in ahwile.


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