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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Screen Doors Anyone?

I absolutely love screen doors of all shapes and sizes. So, for this week I'd love to share with you a tutorial on how to create a screen door card of your own.  They are very easy and fun to make and really the sky is the limit on the variations you can create once the basis has been laid.
So to begin with, I'd suggest compiling all the supplies you need together in the general area of your work space.
You will need:
Cardstock for your base and also some for the actual door.(I recommend that they aren't the same, but it's all up to you!)
Clear Velum or any firm plastic will work fine
Exact-o Knife and or scissors
Screen Mesh (I found mine at Canadian Tire)
Brads ( I use large and minis)
Double back craft tape
Embellishments (Stamps, digis, ribbon, whatever you would like....)
Now to begin: We will be making a template for the actual door.  I have gotten the basis from one that I found in a Country Woman Magazine.  I love that magazine!  So first of all I used my clear velum and a pencil to trace over top of the one from the magazine, or with your creativity you could hand draw one yourself.  I have done this to, but for a clear visual I picked the magazine picture of it.  (Mine never comes out as concise, LOL)
Once I have my clear template, I used the whole screen door velum piece, lay it on some cardstock and trace out the inside to help me judge how much screen mesh I will be needing.
As you can see I've laid the template I created over the mesh and cut a bit outside of it allowing space to adhere it to the card.
Next, I took the clear velum template and used it to trace out (on the back) of my pattened cardstock.
From there, I used my exact-o blade to cut out the tracing I'd done to create the door.
Once the screen and the door are made you need to make a window for the door to sit on.  I use the same template I used to cut out the screen mesh.  I like to have my card already cut to size and scored before I do this so that I can line up the template better.  Here I have it flattened out a bit and then I used my pencil to trace it out.  Don't worry about the visible line, it'll be covered up by the door.  So then you just use your exact-o blade or scissors to cut out the window.
Now it's all ready to be taped together.  You can use any double sided tape, mine is from Walmart.  You can glue it, but I will say I've tried that and you have to let it set a long time between each layer.  So if you're not that patient like me- feel free to enjoy using the tape!  After this you'll need to add a brad for the doorknob and if you would like hinges cut a couple of little rectangles and adhere them to the door with more brads (I use mini ones for this job.)  Just a note with placing the brads, they sometimes get a bit off target due to going through the screen mesh.  So perfection isn't always accomplished with this.
After this stage comes the real fun - what do I decorate my card with?   I've chosen to use a mailbox from one of Sliekje's Images and a stamped sentiment for the inside (I don't know who it's from?) Make sure that you can see the sentiment/and or image through the door.
 This is the screen door card that I've created for you today.  I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and would like to try one of your own.  They really are easy to do once you've created one and you never know you may be hooked!
Also we have a wonderful challenge going on this's a beautiful photo inspiration.  We'd love to see your take on this!


  1. Fabulous tutorial, gorgeous screen reminds me of Grandma's place!!!
    Hugs Trish

  2. You make this look so easy, and the result is so pretty....great tutorial!

  3. Sooooo cute thanks for the tutorial!!!

  4. Love the screen door! I have left a award for you on my blog- Anji's Antics please let me know if you accept

  5. LOVE THIS!!!! now im going to have to find a screen door pattern. I have some screen sitting here. Hum. Thanks!


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