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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bubble bath fun and glitter tutorial

Just so you know, i am NOT a glitter fan....but there is something about the colors MS has in her glitter section that beckons me...  My friend, Aga, introduced me to this super technique, using Ritz glitter, but i've found the MS glitter works just as well and is more readily available to me and Michael's craft store has a 40% off coupon.

So first i will share my card and then my tutorial on how i did the glitter part:

 Now for my tutorial for making the glitter embellishments...not too hard really:
First you will need some heavy-duty double sided tape...i purchased Sookwang in a large will cover a large portion (if not all of a standard card front), for this project i cut a strip a little wider than my border punch...(remember not all border punches like thicknesses...i used the Reminisce brand...and it wasn't happy with this thickness, the best punch i've used so far is EK Success...and it's like the name..success-ful!)

I used double sided paper also and attached the strip to the lighter side and then a strip to the darker side.  Then i used my border punches.

**Remember the side that you put your tape on is the side that will be up and have glitter attached to it.

Punch out both of your borders and then add the glitter to the tape, tap off and burnish the glitter. 
(Burnishing is just rubbing and pushing the glitter makes it "shine" more and i found that the MS glitter was more sparkly.)

This is the "Glitter Ritz" brand

This is the Martha Stewart brand.

The punches cut out w/the tape. And the burnishing i am doing w/my finger.

The finished border punches ready for my card base.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you have any questions...i will be checking the comments. Grandma Bonnie


  1. How cute. Love the glitter tutorial.

    Be blessed, Beckie

  2. Really nice. Your glitter tutorial is fantastic.

  3. Great tutorial Bonnie, I'm not sure why, but I always end up wearing more glitter than the card does! maybe i should use this technique instead of wet glue lol.

  4. ROFLOL -- Well, you know I'm right behind you with that "lovin" glitter (HA), but you also know that someone in my family adores it, so I'm glad we learned this technique. Won't make glitter any less messy during the application, but a whole lot cleaner afterwards (grin). Your card is "da bomb" girl. Thanks for being diligent with making wonderful tuts for us. Without you and Jen, where would we get such great ideas?


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